Hello world!

Welcome to the Blog of the Horse.  We will post updates to our programs and activities here, but we are starting this blog to talk about issues around horses.  We rescued 17 miniature horses, some of them are showing the results of inadequate care in their early days, others well they are horses and horses give us lots to think about.  We will post on topics of health, training, care, feeding, history and other interesting things about horses.  When we post on a certain topic you can be sure it has been thoroughly researched.  We include information we have gathered from professionals in horse health, farriers, trainers and feed consultants.  We also include information from articles we have read, forums we have visited and worldwide research from associations, universities and professional institutions.  We invite you to comment or provide input.  We just ask that we all be courteous and respectful to each other, just as we would our horses!  Stay tuned and visit often!