Outside Initiatives is dedicated to excellence in our community. It is our commitment to provide leadership and give back to the community as much as we possibly can.   

All of the programs we offer have been designed, developed, and delivered in response to requests for programs that fill gaps in our recreational, social, educational and community structures.  These programs had to combine fun and recreation with learning opportunities in all of these needs, and they had to be done in a respectful and humane manner for the miniature horses.

We collected input from the community, parents, children attending camps,  students in the schools, and professionals in the equine industry.  All of our programs have been offered and improved upon using our model  of understanding the social structure of horses as a means to better  understanding each other and functioning in human society.

If you have a question related to any of our services please call us at 541 409 0810 or send us an  e-mail at

Fall/Summer Camps & Training We offer summer day camps and advanced training in the fall. 

Mini Masters  September - mid December  We offer advanced training with a goal towards mastering skills for choreographed performances with your horse.  We accepting enrollment in our 2015 sessions until October 1, 2015.

Farm Visits By Appointment  We offer farm visits for families, groups, disabled citizens, veterans and for therapeutic sessions. Call to make your appointment today. 541 409 0810

Private Lessons in Groundwork  Ready to Ride?  You will be when you train with us first!   A chance to really understand the relationship with you and the horse, on the ground, all things  equal and honest.  Call 541-409-0810 for appointments.

Family Reunification and Preservation This very special program was designed at the request of several foster   children who have been through our mini horse leadership programs. Specifically for the families who have, or could be, separated by foster care placement of the children.  This program is fun, inspiring,  memorable and often life changing.  Please contact us if you or someone  you know would like more information. Family Leadership and  Management  from the horses point of view.  Ask for more info.

Adult Self-Exploration  This is the best possible experience a human can have for a deep and  personal   meeting of oneself with concrete, non-judgemental, consistant and honest feedback.  Learn about who you are and how you handle life situations such as patience, courage, self-confidence and esteem, clear  or unclear communication, self-image and full understanding of instincts, senses and self-mastery.  Keep your experience personal because the horses are truly reliable friends, teachers and citizens. Call for a group or personal encounter with yourself and these amazing miniature horses. 541-409-0810


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Here is what horse professionals are saying about our programs

“The way these girls supported one another was wonderful.  There were many solicited praises from the group for each rider who accepted the compliments gracefully. The value of this program  really is apparent when you experience the interaction.   Also, they were only too happy to share experiences with each other; no one was pushy  about taking turns doing things.   Also, the girls who were a little  nervous faced their fears and felt really good about it.

Susan and Mark, I do believe you have played a huge  part in the girls' development as leaders.   And those skills will stay  with them”. .  Joan Thompson Certified Practitionr-Connected Riding, Owner Two Creeks Horse Farms and retired High School Teacher,

I was able to see the pictures, and smiled in memory of the day.  One thing I liked was my individual time with one of the girls and her mini. Together they found the tiny (mini) connected walking oscillation enough for the horse to flow and the girl to smile in recognition. This was wonderful for both of us to see.

You are an amazing leader for those kids Susan. I appreciate the energy and love you have to offer. I also appreciate your ability to translate and check the girl's understanding of our language.        Humbled,”

Judy Good, Connected Rider Praticitioner in Training,  Barefoot Farrier LLC

I enjoyed the day.  I liked the energy.  The girls were enthusiastic and the minis were a joy to work with.  Susan S seems to have an open mind and is willing to make the effort to learn Connected Groundwork.  I think what we did was helpful and I would like to work with them again.   The girls really tried.  I think that is a group that is worth supporting and giving them a bit more to make it work for them.   Thank you, Joan for sharing this group with us.  I think it is a good match. 

Karen Cheeke, Connected Rider Praticitioner in Training

Wild Plum Sports Horse Ranch, Corvallis OR


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