Here is a world unique from any other. At Outside Initiatives, horses teach us about the quality and service you expect from a leader. Seventeen miniature horses in their herd society provide a non-threatening teaching model in our immersion programs building skill in communication, confidence and leadership.  This allows us to take on tough issues and provide opportunities to really explore and understand difficult concepts such as: Trust, Courage, Compassion, Integrity and Decision Making.   Body language, the language of the horse, is the mode of communication used in our programs, resulting in more confident postures and acute communication skills.  Our focus is on groundwork where miniature horses are our equal partners.    It is here without fanfare that these key traits rapidly unfold in children of all ages, as they try to bring the best out in their horse partners.  Come see what amazing things happen in very short periods of time.

Whether you are looking for an interesting field trip, family outing, formal programs for your kids, or a friend to share some therapy time with, this pastoral setting in the beautiful foothills of the Cascade Mountains, is the place for you.

Browse our Web site for more information about Outside Initiatives.  If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Outside Initiatives representative regarding our services, please e-mail us at outside@peak.org 

At Outside Initiatives, the horses and community youth always  come first.

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MISSION STATEMENT:    Outside Initiatives is a youth-run,  miniature horse-based program that enhances the health and vibrancy of our community by building good character and leadership in our youth.  Our equine programs for community and youth provide opportunities in sports and athletics, therapy, academic support, school to work transition, community event resources, arts, science, and outdoor recreation and exercise.   We support research in equine-assisted therapy, and promoting humane treatment and understanding of the important role horses play in nurturing healthy human lives.

"This is for you susan. I used this on an  application for an FFA officer position.

 2. Someone that has inspired me the most as a leader is Susan  Schwendiman. Susan has inspired me as a leader because she has a strong  leadership role which she uses to teach me, as well as others valuable  leadership skills. Not just by telling me but by showing me through real experiences that have challenged me, but given me hope that I can  someday be a strong leader like her. One thing I really like about  Susan’s leadership style is how she uses her skills to teach others  about leadership around people and horses. With these methods I feel  that I have a stronger leadership role because they both teach me  separate things that are equally important because I use them both in my everyday life.  One thing I dislike about Susan’s leadership style is  when she assumes you are ready to take over as leader and gives you the  responsibility with no warning, and I believe that as a leader she  should prepare people for moments where she expects you to take over the responsibility at hand.  But I believe that Susan has made the biggest  impact on me as a leader, and that will never change because what she  has taught me will stick with me forever.”

Taylor Jones Youth Advisory Committee Member and Student at Central LInn Middle School


Outside Initiatives

“Best place ever! Took our cub scouts last Friday. We have some that are  pretty hyper. Once they got around those horses, wow what a difference!”

Lori Bryan, Police Dispatcher


“Just wanted to let you know that Luke will be attending all of the summer  Outside Initiatives camps, except the first one in June as we will be  out of town that week. I am putting a check in the mail tomorrow for the second one in June. Thank you so much for putting these camps  together. Luke just loves coming and would rather be there than anywhere else.”  Adrienne Olson

Our services provide the best investment you can make in equine and youth development activities.  Please join our group of advertisers who are already changing lives for horses and humans.  

Horses, kids, community and you - all win.  Contact us for advertising possibilities.  outside@peak.org

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